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Designing a showpiece mobile app

Team: Redshift Digital

Role: Design lead

Completed: Aug 2018

The challenge

Vlocity is one of Salesforce's fastest growing partners, providing software improvements for variety of industries like healthcare and finance. One of their offerings is a mobile app that telecom companies use as a starting point from which to build their own, branded app.

A few examples of existing telecom apps. All pretty bland...

With Dreamforce coming up, Vlocity wanted to refresh the app's design to add some 'wow' factor and asked us to take a crack at it. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to design what would end up as a showpiece for their booth at Dreamforce 2018.

Our solution

Vlocity really wanted a design that was unique and eye catching, so we knew that a standard layout wasn't going to cut it1. We focused the whole experience around a fluid, scrolling pattern to navigate from a plan overview to detailed device statistics. This gave us a great signature interaction that felt really natural in your hand.

As the user scrolls down, the information becomes more and more detailed.

Smart assistants have been all the rage recently, but they often feel shallow and tacked on2. We tried to make this feature more useful by providing contextual suggestions throughout the experience. When 'chatting' with the assistant, our goal was for the user to never use the keyboard by always surfacing the most likely actions and responses.

Tapping is faster than typing, so the assistant always offers choices based on context.

E-commerce is a big part of the telecom industry and we wanted that portion of the app to exhibit the same fluidity as the main page. By animating common elements from page to page, the store felt like one seamless experience as opposed to a set of distinct screens.

The interface seamlessly transitions between tabs and individual products.


This work was presented at Dreamforce 2018 and got really positive reactions, leading to new business for our client. The app is currently available on the Apple App Store.

1. This was a big challenge because standard patterns are standard for a reason. So our task was to come up with something different, but really easily to understand.

2. My opinion, obviously.