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Vlocity Insurance

Streamining an old-fashioned industry


Vlocity is one of Salesforce’s fastest growing partners, offering industry-specific software to streamline complex processes in a number of industries. One such industry is that of insurance, where they provide tools for brokers, coordinators, and individual customers.

Innovation goes a long way in the old-school insurance industry, and Vlocity wanted to streamline their offering so that it could compete with the myriad of startups popping up every day. We worked together to create a framework to simplify the insurance processes across the board.

Redshift Digital

Design lead

Apr 2018

For brokers

Our broker dashboard clearly organizes all of a brokers customers and coverage options, making it easy to pick up where a customer left off when they’re ready.

Each individual policy acts as a hub for underwriters to submit their assessments and comments so the broker always knows what’s next.

For customers

Our simplified design presents one option at a time, in plain, easy to understand language so getting a quote on your own is easy. We also we designed the system to seamlessly adapt to both simple and (slightly more) complicated components, handling flows for auto, life, and a whole lot more.

For folks that like to shop around, they can save and compare different coverage configurations to select the option that works best for them.

For coordinators

Insurance coordinators (these are your HR folks) have the unique challenge of managing of all of their company's employees (plus dependents!) and comparing the myriad of options to select the best ones for their staff.

To lighten the load, we designed a dead simple flow for managing employees and selecting the available coverages. Plans often change from year to year, so we make sure to highlight the differences to make renewal a snap.


We've been working on Vlocity's insurance products on and off throughout our engagement, and every time they are able to leverage our improved designs to secure further high-profile customers. Together, we;ve help to shape the workflow of major insurance companies such as New York Life and Blue Cross Blue Shield.