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Hi. I'm Chris Mueller

I’m a UX designer based in San Francisco. I tackle all aspects of research and design, but I especially enjoy whitespace, consistency, and working fast.

Check out some of my work below and feel free to get in touch. Also, here's my résumé.

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Re-positioning a worldwide brand

You’ve likely seen lots of car commercials talking about winning J.D. Power awards for things like initial quality or dependability. The thing is, most consumers don’t even know what JDP does.

J.D. Power wanted to change that (naturally), and we worked together to design their first consumer-oriented website focused on car-buying research.


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Designing a showpiece mobile app

Building a mobile app from scratch takes a lot of effort, even for giant telecom companies. Vlocity is a Salesforce partner that offers — among other things — a starting point for these companies to build their consumer apps.

Vlocity asked us to re-design their base app to show customers the power of their platform.


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A few speech bubbles to symbolize conversation.

Streamlining cumbersome data reviews

As you may expect, NASA engineering data gets reviewed...a lot, requiring the owner to merge and address comments from tons of documents.

We sought to improve this process by centralizing the data being reviewed and designing tools allowing review discussions to take place alongside the data itself.


est. calendar days saved per review (actually)

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Digitizing complex test setup

The Ames Arc Jet Complex tests spacecraft heat shielding by simulating flight- and re-entry conditions. As you can imagine, this is a complex process requiring total accuracy.

Working with the Arc Jet team, we created a responsive web application to improve their test setup process by reducing errors and increasing worksheet completion.


incomplete worksheets since deployment

Sunglasses filled with stars and planets to symbolize HMDs in space.

Head-mounted procedures (in space!)

Astronauts on the International Space Station follow pre-written procedures for pretty much everything. Those procedures, and the mechanisms for viewing them, leave much to be desired.

As a graduate research team, we sought to improve these proceedures by building a head-mounted procedure viewer.


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