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Hi. I'm Chris Mueller

I’m a UX designer based in San Francisco, California. I tackle all aspects of research and design, but I mostly just like making things.

Check out some of my work below and feel free to get in touch to learn about what else I've worked on or take a look at my résumé.

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Vlocity Telecom

Designing a showpiece mobile app

Vlocity wanted to show Dreamforce attendees that their platform could go beyond the boring, enterprise apps they're all used to. We worked with them to create a sleek, modern mobile app with plenty of 'wow' factor.


J.D. Power

Re-positioning a worldwide brand

J.D. Power wanted to help everyday cosumers make better buying choices by releasing their product performance data to the public. We worked together to design their first-ever consumer website, focusing on car-buying research.


Vlocity Insurance

Streamlining an old-fashioned industry

Vlocity wanted to update their insurance offerings to compete with upstarts like Lemonade and Metromile. Together, we designed a modern framework to make insurance a breeze for everyone involved.